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More than 210,000 teaching and non-teaching staff have been profiled using biometric information, covering more than 26,200 schools. They have no vision to contribute to society or country through education. In the government sector, teachers are mostly employed by politicians in favoritism/bribery. While in the private sector, they find inexperienced and the cheapest teachers. We need to come with a fresh and latest knowledge which can be compared to the foreign updated syllabus to overcome the challenges of quality education in Pakistan.

The athletes maintained that the NCAA has, in effect, been operating a system that is a classic restraint of competition — in short, a system that violates the nation's antitrust laws. The NCAA countered that its rules are largely exempt from antitrust laws because they are aimed at preserving amateurism in college sports and because the rules "widen choices for consumers by distinguishing college sports from professional sports." This paper presents an overview of the Husky Sport Nutrition Program at the University of Washington. This program is a component of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Total Student-Athlete Program, an NCAA-sponsored CHAMPS/Life Skills Program that provides life skills assistance to student-athletes. Successful integration of a sport nutrition program requires an understanding of the athletic culture, physiological milestones, and life stressors faced by college athletes. The sport nutritionist functions as an educator, counselor, and administrator.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, for instance, publishes a list of “Institutions Whose Degrees are Illegal to Use in Texas.” In Kentucky, knowingly using a fraudulent credential to obtain employment is a Class A misdemeanor. It’s important to recognize the jurisdictional limits of such cases, though. Based in Pakistan, Axact was responsible for what was called the “biggest degree scam in history.” The scam allegedly generated revenues of up to US$ 150 million by selling bogus degrees to customers around the world.

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