Affordable Quality Distance Education By India's Largest University Lpu

Access to rigorous standards, curricula, and courses is also a key ingredient to a high-quality education. At a minimum, states should ensure that all students have access to algebra in eighth grade and to Advanced Placement or similar rigorous courses in high schools. Times have changed dramatically since the Rodriguez decision, and there is deepening consensus that federal government has an important role in supporting the education of students with the greatest needs. A just K-12 public schooling system should meaningfully prepare all students, including the most disadvantaged, for their roles in public service or democratic governance. This is key to ensuring America’s next generation of leaders serve, defend, and represent the various interests of society.

Despite the cost, coordination, and training that must be put into a program, it has “great potential to deliver and receive educational programs to and from remote sites” (Weber, 1996, pg. 219). Another important consideration for the instructor is their view regarding the goal of distance education. Schlosser and Anderson put this thought forward in a review of distance education literature. They submit that the goal of distance education in the United States is “ to offer the distance student an experience as much like that of traditional, face-to-face instruction as possible” (pg. 3). This would mean that distance learning pedagogy would not differ much from that used in an ordinary classroom.

What Are The Benefits Of Distance Learning?

In North Dakota, for example, manufacturing a fake degree is a felony, punishable by up to five years in jail and $5,000 fine. Using a fake degree to get a job, promotion or college admission is a misdemeanor, with up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine45. The laws of individual states govern the licensure or authorization of educational institutions that reside within their borders. Some states have laws that have discouraged degree mills from operating within their jurisdictions.


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